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Mystic Majesty & Blue Donkey & Just a gimp

Born in 2018 from the ashes of different projects, inspired by the stoner scene with psychedelics influences and without forgetting their roots, they start working together on an ambitious and meaningful purpose: a concept album. The result is an explosive and powerful mix of sound and lyrics self-defined Hard Robot Rock. Their will is to bring the listener out of space/time to make us feel one with the universe. Even just for a brief moment.

In 2019 they finally start to bring their material on stage, selfpromoting and booking in many small pubs/clubs and also a few great festival in Italy such as “Spakemotuto Fest”,”Dosso Alto Music Fest” “Mirror Fest” and “Delirium Fest” Due to a very strong and unique impact live, they start having some response from the public and then decide to release their very fist single, that will be part of a major project. “ Confessions ( of a restless mind )“ ( which has been included in the compilation “ La Verona Bene” ) sees the light in November. After this joyful period, they decided to focus on recording the brand new material brought on stage and planning the forthcoming season.

In April 2020 they release “ Broken Finger Blues” and start planning to tour in Europe, but then reschedule for 2022 The last single extract from the concept album „Speak Your Mind“ is „Anxiety“


29. April
EUR 12,00
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EUR 12,00